Living in and Loving Tropical Kentucky — 5 Comments

  1. A new leaf every three days? Ha. We have corn plants that grow 12 inces overnight.(I was going to say grow a foot overnight, but that just opened too many doors for sarcasm.)

    I’m not believing thriving banana trees in Kentucky until I see a monkey peeling a banana in front of that plant.

  2. I know about corn – now the saying should be sky high by the 4th of July. Of course it’s all those herbicides, pesticides and messing with mother nature via hybridization that makes it all possible.
    I love agri-science.
    Probably won’t get nanners this year. I’ll let you know when you can bring your monkey for the photo opp.

  3. Woo-hoo! Actually, I’m not making fun. My mom had banana trees for years they’re a hoot. Do you have any bananas yet?
    Mom’s tree was a real go-getter; but the bananas never seemed like the ones at the store. They were always very diminutive.