My Souvenirs from 29 Miles- 2 days – on the Green River — 6 Comments

  1. riding horses can be redneck….hiking too…golf no…and biking no. Kayaking and camping a definate YES. Its just a side ofyou I didn’t know you had-its a little surprising.

  2. $1000.00?!? Tell me something. Does paying that much for a kayak make it go any faster? Does it come with an auto-paddle option? AM/FM/CD? A motor? Laurie and I are planning to buy a couple of kayaks when our first time home buyers. Anything over $400 better come with a built-in coffee maker.

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I’m jealous.

    • @Kirk: good to hear from ya. Yes, actually, the more expensive yaks do go faster because they have better design (thing barge vs speedboat) and they track straighter. $400 is a good entry point. Anything cheaper and yaks are flimsy and won’t withstand VT cold unless you keep them in a heated space. Plus the cheaper yaks are unstable. I highly recommend yakking. With your body problems, you might want to rent before you buy.

  3. Love to do nature stuff. I haven’t tried kayaking yet but it’s in my list. I’ve done several white water rafting “adventures” though from class 2 to 3 rivers and it’s always exciting.

  4. Promoting Team spirit among students : One idea is to take students on camping trips this not only will promote team spirit but will also allow students to appreciate and respect nature.

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