Reliving My Coke Addiction and How Science is Just Killin’ Me — 7 Comments

  1. How is it that I am the only one to comment on this?

    I mean, god, just the age hit opps alone!

    Dude, what are you like, 150 years old?

    We have a coke machine like that, but no turn-y thingy.

    And seriously — you really lived in a town that had a little store like that? Was it 1867? Are you a vampire? Werewolf? Some other type of immortal?

    I don’t drink any diet drinks. The only artificial sweetener I use is sweet and low in my coffee. I do deign to drink dark colas though, but you won’t find me drinking a Pepsi. I would rather die of thirst first.


  2. I did the switch to the diet drinks some years ago and thought I was doing the right thing. I put up with the taste for the good of my health I thought. My brother though was a Coke addict, like about 2 x 2 litre bottles per day, so he switched to the diet versions as well. He gave up smoking also and looked forward to better health, as his doctor had been urging him for years. He was in his early 50’s when he did this.

    When around 55 he got very ill and was diagnosed with motor neuron disease and sadly passed away a few months before his 57th birthday.

    He was the sort of person to look into what was caused things and loved to research. As the MND progressed he was confined to home and a wheelchair as got right into researching what was happening to him.

    Along the way, he looked at the effects of aspartame on the body and shared it with me. I did my own research and was shocked at the range of issues aspartame was being blamed for.

    Just Google things like “aspartame” and “nutrasweet” and see some of the things that come up with – all the stuff the mainstream press is too scared to print because of the advertising dollars they stand to loose as the Nutrasweet brand is in so many main stream products.

    I made up my mind it was better to have an indulgence in a full sugar Coke once or twice a week as the sugar was probably less harmful to me than whatever chemicals are in the diet drinks.

  3. The symptoms I listed on me blog are only roughly a third of the entire list I found on teh interwebs.

    If you take the reliability of the internet with a BIG pinch of salt, you still end up with a heck of a list!

    I miss chewing gum 🙁 Back to Hubba Bubba it is, in its sugary goodness.

  4. @Ross: That’s what is killing me: sugar means calories means more weight = killed. Aspartame means less calories but brain fried = dead.

    @K8: (for some reason I have the damnest time typing K8, so you may be k* or K* or k8 from now on) Yeah, I googled it and followed the link because I know you can be cackaloo sometimes. Freaked me out.

  5. I just felt like I saw a ghost, goose bumps all over.
    I can’t tell you how many times I spent at Louie”s Standard Station, and Hortense fixed breakfast for Lloyd and me. I was about 3yrs old when I first remember being there

    You see Lioyd’s mom was my dads sister, this is bizarre.

    By the way they also had Pepsi, but coke was always my favorite. Please respond and let me know who this is I have an idea but not sure