Brainteasers — 2 Comments

  1. 1. It's not bowling. They keep the score right there… Well, I don't know. I don't watch it on TV. But they have those big score screens! Chess? Or what about spelling B's? It's gotta be something stupid like Curling or something. Or what about those log throwing things they do in Scotland?

    Wait! I know it. It's swimming. When they do competitive swimming, no one knows who wins until they hit the deck. Neither the swimmer nor the audience. Nor do they know the score; Well, no, that's not it. The audience can see the clock. So that doesn't count.

    Okay; let's see. thinking…you play and play… Then at the end, the winner is declared. Everyone plays all the time. No one is taken out of the game at any time. So no one knows who is winning and who is losing.

    So what kind of game is it where everyone plays from the beginning to the very end, no points are assessed during the game, everyone watches, and then, at the end, one winner is declared? And it's a game, not a beauty pageant?

    3. Potato?

    4. Kiwi?

    6. Dwarf. (dork. 😉 )

    7. Can I do mexican punctuation? 😉

    8. Lettuce?

    9. slippers, snot (ask my niece), sketchers, sand (what? barefoot on the beach???)