Hint: If You Can’t Buy the Wedding Ring Don’t Screw the Cow — 4 Comments

  1. It’s a great marketing ploy and you bit. Now you’ve just provided free advertising for him (or is he one of your paying sponsors?).

    “for the truly needy”…love that! No one NEEDS a wedding ring. I’ve been married a very long time and never had, wanted, or needed one.

    As for the models, I think they’ve been playing in the body butter before the nuptials.

  2. I thought about that when I wrote it (free publicity) but what the hey… I guess People of Walmart weren’t available as models. They can be pretty oily too.

  3. It’s a sweet concept, but I wonder the same things you do… except the gay L.A. models one because I’ve never thought of that before, haha. Maybe I’m cynical, but I feel like a lot of people will lie to get ahead (or win free stuff)… and there’s also that cheap things are usually of crappy quality.

  4. I’ve actually read all the way back into her archives! Over the course of two or three days, I actually read every single one of her entries, haha. I like the most recent ones the most because I feel like the comics tell the story so much better than just the words.

    “Taco is a little latin lover!” That made me laugh. I love dogs and have two of my own–mutts that we adopted when we moved from one city to another close by in a neighboring state, but they’re getting on in age. They’re ten now.