Nails Trimmed, Bordello Shot, Left Blood Behind, She Said “You’re a Fatty” and Dot Indian Wedding — 10 Comments

  1. Note to your daughter: When Sixty gets too old to bathe himself, some nursing homes have out-patient bathing facilities, but $16.50 at the pet store might be much cheaper and it appears they have similar equipment as the nursing homes.

    Indian saris are made of some of the most beautiful fabric I have ever seen or felt. Often there is also a great deal of beautiful gold jewelry with their wedding attire.

  2. You certainly stuffed as much as you could into this post Mark…and thanks for pointing out Anne from the horse; it made it so much easier. I’ve heard weddings in India are quite the thing…gorgeous dresses…brilliant colors. ~Joy

  3. This is Sixty’s daughter…we already have reservations at the local petco for a tall drink of water blogger who likes Makers Mark…but I’m going to let the experts take care of him. I don’t have the skills or the patience.