Things That Make Me Feel Old — 8 Comments

  1. If you start going to the local restaurant’s Early Bird special, please don’t tell us about it.

    Here’s something weird about getting old, at least to me:
    When I watch ancient TV shows, I think of the characters as being older than I am — even when they’re much younger than my current age. So I still see Eddie Haskell as my elder and Beaver as a contemporary.

  2. I felt old when I was going to the movies to see Toy Story 3, and realized that I had seen the previous 2 movies before all these other kids were BORN.

  3. I totally get you, but in my own generation.

    I will be at Nordstrom or something, and the kid helping me will have no idea who Bon Jovi is, or Metallica or anything.

    Kids helping me at the store will have been born AFTER I graduated high school. **shudder**

    I am now old enough to have a child that is 20 years old, provided I had gotten pregnant at 18. OH. MY. GOD….THAT.. CANNOT… BE… HAPPENING…

    I want to shoot people who don’t drive the speed limit, drive poorly, and kids who drive like animals.

    I sit around and wonder why things have changed, and think all things have changed for the worse… Like how kids can obtain driver’s licenses in Texas now. And I bitch about it.

    I am now that middle-aged woman at Wal-Mart with her mother in her mid-sixties that will be the woman in her mid-sixties taken the same mother to Wal-Mart when her mother is in her eighties. And we will still be fighting and hating each other.

    I am no longer cool, and I don’t even know it.


    My mother is excited about senior discounts. And she doesn’t even NEED them.

    PS: I am close to forty. But my parents have no grandchildren.

    • @Absurdist: yeah the cool factor is gone. Are you at the age/ appearance yet, where “the kids” don’t even see you? Just wait, that’s the next step in learning that the image in the mirror is older that you feel.