Hello? Since When Did Labor Day Become a Day to Salute the Troops? — 6 Comments

  1. I understand that you feel Labor Day is not a day to honor troops, but a day to honor the workers. However, soldiers in the army, navy, coast guard, air force, marines, or national guard are getting paid for their services. These men and women are all getting paid and that is their job. They receive benefits, a paycheck, and a yearly salary.

    Their job description may be a little different from us folks here at home, but it is a job. So really…Labor Day should honor the troops. They are doing one of the hardest jobs that we have in this country.

    • How can you not buy it? They are giving their professional services to the Armed Services, which is a moneymaking industry. The armed services then, in turn, pay every single member for their services. In what way does that not define labor? The fact that you can die while on the job is one of the reasons why the Armed services aren’t the best jobs.

      There is an incredible amount of labor that goes into the proper functioning of the armed services. Between all of the industrial efforts of supplying the army with the proper equipment and vehicles, the billions of dollars in research and funding for the defense of this country, and the daily service of every active US armed forces member, there is no way that you can say you don’t “buy” it.

  2. @not: Nah, not in the mood to argue with ya. Thanks for commenting and subscribing to comments. Stay tuned, I think I know a couple people who might have a reaction to your reaction.
    Enjoy your holiday. (BTW: do you have a job?)

    • I still don’t understand how you don’t “buy” it that the armed services is a job, but you did buy it when your hard-earned tax dollars went right to them.

      I appreciate your efforts at misdirecting the attention from the argument at hand to questioning my employment status, but I feel you just are being stubborn when you know that serving the defense of this country is, in fact, a job. I am an attorney-at-law serving the State of New Jersey…if you really wanted to know so badly.

      But getting back to the topic at hand…I am unsubscribing because you aren’t even spending the time to understand differing opinions even though you write a blog and you are trying to get people to pay attention to your opinions. I like your efforts, or lack thereof, but get with the picture.

      You are 60, and you should know better than any of us that the Armed Forces is a job and they deserve recognition as much as the lawyers, doctors, construction workers, plumbers, and even aging blog writers.

    • Still waiting for those “couple of people” that have “a reaction to your reaction”…….. (crickets chirping)