Oh Fer Chrissakes, They are Just Chickens! — 4 Comments

  1. Organic and free range foods are more susceptible to bad bacteria. They may be chemical-free but many times the bacteria is worse than chemicals. Also, people that don’t wash and cook things properly are much of the problem in these types of outbreaks.

    Why is it these same people are the first to complain if there is dog poop in a yard, but they are willing to have a yard full of free range chick sh**?

  2. Dude, DeCoster is a scumbag with a capital SCUMBAG. Don’t try to paint him as a clueless exec who doesn’t know what his people are doing, he knows EXACTLY what he is doing. He needs to spend some time in prison, or, better yet, locked up in one of his chicken coops.

  3. @Brian: naw, if you saw him testify, he is as far from an exec as you. Farmers cut corners city boy, he got caught (more than once).

    He just should be fined and go on his merry way feeding America.