Why It’s Tough to Be a Democrat Surrounded by Fox News Republicans — 6 Comments

  1. Are you absolutely sure that you’re an American because I haven’t heard common sense like that since Mark Twain, everyone bow a knee, spoke about the state of the Union a hundred and forty years ago. He nailed it then and you have done it now. I salute you both.

  2. I can relate similar stories as above but the characters are of the opposite parties as those in your anecdotes. Except for the few extremists in both parties, there is very little difference among the majority of Democrats and Repulicans. The majority of Americans are on the government dole in one form or another, yet they complain about those who also get government money, albeit in a different form. The real arguments between the parties is how the dole will be distributed, but they all have their hands out wiggling their fingers for their share.

  3. @Paulo1: the check is in the mail.

    @Catch her in the wry: good point on extremists. This area of Kentucky is full of extemists! I should have added that to the end of the title.

  4. The problem doesn’t lie with our government. Neither does the problem lie with the political system. The problem is people!

    And your post says this very well indeed and Catch Her’s comment rounds it off nicely.

    Now will you two please stop making sense? It completely goes against the current norm of “the American way of life” these days.

  5. I can’t understand how anyone can vote these people into office. McConnel? Bunning? Paul?

    WHAT is wrong with the people of KY? Has the coal dust blackened your brains?

    Why do you insist on sending such horrific people to Congress to represent your state and still call yourselves Americans?