St. Todd DeCubville Strikes Again for Special Equestrians — 4 Comments

  1. No wonder your daughter’s 40th birthday was so special! I read all her blog posts on the link provided. She’s one tough lady and her husband must be a peach of a guy.

    My daughter gives riding lessons to a little girl with cerebral palsy. She says of all her students, she enjoys that little girl the most because of the joy on her face and the sense of freedom it gives her while on the horse .

  2. @Catch Her: She’s hasn’t updated that link in a while, so there is more.
    You got it: tough and married to a saint. (Even though he doesn’t read my blog.)

  3. How amazing is that? I’m dying to get Laughingboy up on a horse, his head control isn’t the mae west yet, but by jove I’ll get him up there someday.