Refinishing Has Everybody Floored — 5 Comments

  1. that sounds like the biggest pain in the ass!!! will it really be worth it? ya gotta get a roomba now!!!!

  2. An oil based sealer will give the floors better protection, IMO, but the contractor should have gone over all this with you (the drying times between coats and the 30 days hardening time) before he started AND he should have been the one to install the plastic sheeting to protect the rest of the house. Hopefully all the dog toenails won’t scratch up the new finish.

    And some people think that hardwood floors are easier to maintain than carpeting – they’re wrong.

  3. @Catch: Yes, that’s what I thought: we should have had options! And what contractor doesn’t try to keep the dust confined? OURS! We know the doggie nails will be an issue and figure the clicking will be a aural clue to get them taken care of. We don’t worry about cleanliness much at our house. We have different priorities. 🙂

  4. Correction: House has been “torn” up since 10/31ish…carpet was originally to be installed 11/4 – but because of furnace problems, ahem!, it was installed 8 days later…and thus began the saga!