For Sale: Lovely Collection of 33 Christmas Stockings — 4 Comments

  1. That’s funny-My dryer eats em. Every time I do laundry I end up one short or one extra……….around the house I’ll wear mismatched socks. And my horse riding socks have a big hole in the toe……..but I wear em anyway.

  2. Yep, he’s right! That’s how he “removes” his socks! And if they aren’t in the hamper, they don’t get washed!!!

  3. Every week I’m faced with matching my husband’s all black sock collection. Of course, they are not all the same weave and material so it’s not as easy as matching socks of various colors. But at least he doesn’t have 43 pairs.

  4. @bulbous: I am so embarrassed that you would wear mismatched sox. Hole in sox, hole in flannel jammies. Poor lil thang.!

    @Catch: Black is black. Who looks at a guys ankles anyway. I hit that many pairs because I made the change to all black.