Is It The Way We Treat Horses? What Makes Kentucky The Best Place to Abuse Animals? — 1 Comment

  1. Arkansas now has a felony cruelty law, believe it or not. So the rednecks introduced another law guaranteeing them the right to hunt. Not that anyone had questioned their right to hunt. They just wanted to beat the animal-lovers to the punch.

    NOTE: I do not hunt but will gladly accept free venison from redneck friends, as long as it has been cleaned and conveniently packaged. I do not like eyeballs or fur on my food, or any other reminders that it used to be happily skipping through the forest.

    We also have a horsetrack (Oaklawn) and a dog track. We too are a rural state with plenty of inbreeding, and I’m not talking about the horses or dogs. If we can get a felony cruelty law passed, surely any state can! Even Kentucky.