Mike Hunt Meets Harry Baals, Dick Sweat, Harry Cox, et al — 6 Comments

  1. I actually found this article a bit confusing from the start. “Michael D. Hunt is the new county attorney where Bulbous lives”. Who is Bulbous? Do I really have to click on a link to understand the very first sentence? “She is wicked and thought it deserved a mention on Facebook.” So Michael Hunt is a woman (this is plausible) who is wicked, and she thought “it” deserved a mention on Facebook. What is “it”? The second paragraph introduces us to “Nancy”- no explanation of who she is or why she matters in this article. Adding “but I digress” doesn’t save the paragraph or the article, and actually confirms that reading it wasted my time.

    I find a lot of internet articles are written in this careless, self-serving manner, as if precision and clarity don’t matter any longer because the audience doesn’t matter. I figured, however, that a blog written by – and aimed at-, an older crowd would not accept this new style of writing. Obviously I was wrong.

    • Oh Denise just buzz off. Jaysus woman, is this the best thing you have to do with your life on the innerwebs? This isn’t an “internet article” you dumb biyotch, it’s a blog. Yeah old people only read Chaucer.