Sleep Apnea Docs Mint Coin — 7 Comments

  1. I must say, that bandaid DOES look much better than the hose!

    Hope it works well and becomes widespread, all the way to Australia, and specifically, my husband…

  2. My wife, who snores terribly and is definitely an undiagnosed sleep apnea sufferer, finds that those Breathe Right nasal strips also go a long way in easing the problem. But I can see how those doohickies might be even better because they force the airway open further into the throat. Anything has got to be an improvement over wearing a CPAP rig. Good luck.

    • I have heard that about the strips… but if she would use a CPAP she might find her life changed dramatically for the better.
      Thanks for the good wishes. The only drawback would be that pulling the covers over my head to sleep in would be hampered.

  3. Why do you need a doctor’s prescription for the Provent System? Is there medication in it? I suspect that the cost can be kept higher if one can only obtain it through doctor’s orders.

  4. Yes, this would keep the cost up for sure. Probably FDA rules: don’t want people using these airway restrictions where there may be other breathing problems. I don’t mind having a doc involved, just as long as it’s a GP and doesn’t involved a sleep lab and all the associated costs.

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