Bufo the Vampire Slayer, Or Vampire the Bufo Slayer, Something Like That. — 4 Comments

  1. This move to Costa Rica has been great – so much fodder for your posts. Retirement must be agreeing with you because the posts just keep getting funnier. Loved the limerick!

    • Yeah, life is a real picnic! Nancy has spent two days trying to get rehydrated after a bout with stomach virus. I am SO ready for some boring routine!

  2. Call me naive or thick, if you prefer, but why do you have to kill these toads at all. Assuming ( always a dangerous thing to do ) that they are plentiful, and indigenous, is it your intention to be on permanent toad patrol for the rest of your life? That could get old very fast. Isn’t there a good chance that the dog is going to have a face off with Mr. Toad sometime when you’re not there with your pointy stick ?

    • Not if I can help it. The toads are deadly to dogs. I know the toads were here first. And yes it is old already. But I love my dogs and will protect them from a horrible death by toad poison.