Irritable Blog Syndrome — 4 Comments

  1. A fine post all around. Glad you’re over your irritated blog syndrome and feeling better. So I take it that I need to move to Costa Rica if I want to cure the flu in 4 hours? What else can they cure in 4 hours? If I move to Costa Rica can I still receive my veteran’s disability benefits?

    Hope your Gripé is over for good.

    • Excellent idea: hope a plane, take the cure, return! (or don’t return, even better idea.)

      U.S. should ship ALL disabled vets here – if they want to come. 🙂
      How clever you are to put the thingy over the e. If it’s not gone for good at least now I know not to suffer too long.

  2. Well, I got through this irritable blog post just fine. I guess having a son that would think your post was hysterical and a ‘fine piece of art’ has conditioned me to absorb and tolerate pretty much anything. Soooo glad you’re feeling better Mark…can’t have you out of commission for too long. ~Joy