Moving to Costa Rica? Or Anywhere Else? Don’t Bring “Stuff” — 8 Comments

  1. I think your tale just proves that Americans keep too much “stuff.” At least the move forced you to purge, even if you had to do it once before and once after.

    If you put the stuff in a pile next to the road with a “free” sign, will the stuff disappear? That magic always happens around here with things, but I don’t know about Costa Rica.

  2. @Catch: For sure, US Americans keep way to much “stuff.” But when there are two of us making the decision on what to get rid of and what to keep, it gets difficult.

    I may go sit on the public square and do some tailgate gratis “business” as you suggest. It rains every day now, so can’t just leave it…

  3. I keep this in mind. We are planning to move to Costa Reca next year so , I think its better to keep what you mentioned here in mind. Just in case my husband and I have a debate on what to bring there.