Snakes on a Toilet — 5 Comments

  1. Best look twice before seating yourself on the throne. I hear Costa Rica is filled with 5 inch possum snakes that like to play dead.

    I bet the squirrels in Kentucky are dancing in the streets now that you’ve got new fodder for your angst.

    • Hey! Thanks for sticking with me and making comments here. I do appreciate it. Angst. Excellent word. I have been using “freaked” to describe myself lately. Angsted is so much classier.
      Yeah, I always look before sitting. Too many scorpions around – forget the possum snakes.

  2. Inside snakes, not pleasant. But unpleasant as it is, I’d take it over inside SLUGS.

    I could not believe this one place I lived, suddenly it was like some kind of concerted raid on the bathroom. I couldn’t even figure out where they were coming in! I slept in shoes for a month while I figured out my next move.