Encyclopedia Britannica Gives Up Print. I Remember the World Book. — 4 Comments

  1. We had a “Compton’s Encyclopedia, probably 12 books worth. We later got a “Brittanica”, but I used the Comptons…it was just faster. School reports were the Comptons words shifted around so it was not “plagerism.”

    cranky old man

  2. I still have a set of the World Book Encyclopedias…they were my husband’s when he was growing up. He use to take a volume with him every time he went to the bathroom. He had a photographic memory…and could tell you what page something could be found on and what it said. That always amazed me.

  3. I have set of 1917 but is 10 volumes. Copyright 1917: 1918: 1919 Hanson-Bellows Pub Co. what’s up on this situation?