Trend Hunter Hits One Billion Page Views Thanks to Me — 7 Comments

  1. Wow Sixty! Thanks for such an endearing article. You are a legend and I still look at your lovely avatar everyday. Other favorite moments in TH history include the day that Obama sent us a cheque for bailout money, and it was 60 million, 60 thousand and sixty dollors… Conincidence? I think we know who was writing that cheque. I was happy to see you making the first ‘congrats on a billion’ wall comment in the community page, proving you still got it. I’m gonna have to come drink Makers Mark with you in Costa Rica one day! Thanks for everything. Cheers! Jeremy

  2. 60, you’re the man! Thanks for all of your contributions. Still enjoying the articles of yours I stumble across.

    p.s. Awesome article title. 😉