Google Search Provides Creepy Insight Into Being Me — 4 Comments

  1. Makes me thankful to no end that I don’t have a picture of myself. I wouldn’t want to know. However, considering the possibilities, I might just try one of Grandad?

    • Actually that’s what prompted the post – AND Moooooog – …a friend that lives here looked up Grandad’s picture and showed his wife and she said “when was that taken?” Apparently Grandad has a twin in Costa Rica!

  2. And now I must leave yet another comment because I forgot, once again, to check that stupid little box at the bottom that let’s me know if there are any follow-up comments. Otherwise I’m sure to forget that…

    …oh hell, I forgot what I was going to say.

  3. Mark, at least you got other people for your Visually Similar Images. My husband got a toy train. He doesn’t think it’s funny, but I’m still laughing. I always knew he was kind of a square. Of course, I had to pin the VSI-Fail pics.