How to Pass Alajuela Costa Rica RTV in 24 Easy Stops — 8 Comments

  1. Great info. We are currently living here without a vehicle but I am considering purchasing one in the future. I have also heard a $10 taped in a noticeable area under the hood helps.

  2. Hi CRC… I’m not sure your tip would work because there are multiple stations where somebody can fail your car 🙂
    Good luck if you decide to buy a car, it for sure will be your most constant state of frustration in your life in Costa Rica.

  3. You guys have lines at RTV? I believe that I interrupted someone while doing her nails when I went in last year.

  4. Hi Kim, I have been past there with no lines. As a matter of fact on the second try, I was the last car in line at 10:15 on a Monday.

  5. You guys have a line at RTV? You probably have lines at your banks too! : ) Sorry Mark just messin’. Have a lovely evening and thank you for a great post.

  6. Hey! That is very good advice. Will try. Thanks for reading and commenting.