Costa Rica is No Tax Haven – Watch Out for Stupid Tax — 4 Comments

  1. AUGH!!!!!! That has GOT to suck! I knew that overchlorinating would make it rough to swim in, but I never would have imagined that it would strip the lining. Wow!

    • Yeah, I needed some pool training that’s for sure. A hose split yesterday, probably related to the hyperchlorine. I guess I should expect the motor and seals to fail soon. ((((((sigh)))))

  2. We all do stuff like that, but it does make it any easier to take does it. I used to work as a property manager and remember pools.. ugh! Nice to visit but I would want to own one, the exception being if I lived in a great location like you do, then you gotta have one.

    • Owning a pool wasn’t on our list when we house-shopped. They are a lot of work and expense compared to the time we actually spend in it. Ugh. Won’t be replaced if an earthquake sends it down the hill.

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