How I Ruined 6th Grade Graduation In Costa Rica — 6 Comments

  1. Mike, thanks for the thought, but we missed the parade AND the end of the party. NOBODY is speaking too me!

    • Tragic is just the right word (if I was a 12 year old girl.) Why is my guilt so long-lasting? I guess I’ll just go out and buy her a car. (NOT)

  2. One of the first reality checks when I got here was the length of the fiestas. Not used to hanging out doing nothing all day… and I’m in the same boat with the language. Everyone in the family now understands that I NEED to do the dishes… much more acceptable than leaving early. Totally understand how you feel!

    • Hi Niki, I still can convince Nancy that we can be 60 minutes “late” and be the first to arrive. Thanks for the insight on doing dishes.