Mark Van Patten is Going Like Sixty.

I’m baby boomer man who turned 60 in late 2007.  Boomer born in 1947 for search engine optimization. I retired from the newspaper business July 1, 2011.

From 11/09 to 5/10/ I lost 75 pounds via Nutrisystem, lap swimming and weight training. The weight is still back.

We moved to Guacimo de Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica in June/July 2011. We originally had a five year plan for me to retire and make the move. However, Nancy found a home in Costa Rica, and three days after listing our home in the U.S. we had an acceptable offer. Rather than move twice for a short term so that I could reach the normal retirement age, we took the plunge. Our first visit to Costa Rica was in January and six months later we moved here to be full time residents. (We are still U.S. citizens.)

Details about our life in Costa Rica here.  

For more posts, use the search box… lots of posts about moving and the challenges/rewards of daily living in Costa Rica.

And why retiring to Costa Rica won’t work for you.

We left Costa Rica in August 2017 and moved to Punta Gorda, Florida.

Let me make this clear so other MEN MAN BLOGGERS can find me.

I write mostly attempted humor that boomers , or those who know one, can identify with,  usually irreverently. I’ve expanded the scope a little to give readers a taste of what it’s like to retire abroad – especially in Costa Rica.

Going Like Sixty is a term I heard around my house regularly growing up from my Mother. It meant, at our house, one was very busy.

But here is another discussion of what Going Like Sixty means.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), however, “like sixty” actually appeared in 1848 with no reference to speed, but rather meaning “with great force or vigor.”  The four citations quoted by the OED, in fact, are evenly divided between those that use the term in reference to speed (“We ran like sixty to the front porch,” 1975) and those that use it to mean “with enthusiasm and abandon” (“That child cuts up like sixty,” 1910).

Emphasis mine. I like “with great force or vigor… and… with enthusiasm and abandon!”

I have been married to the same woman since 1968.

She’s a boomer blogger too.

We love dogs, so I started, pictures of dogs with cones. You will say awwww, but chuckle too. My son-in-law had the original concept so we partnered. Read his story of the trials and tribulations of launching the blog. and were both sold. is also me (Currently For Sale: $878 priced reduced to $666). (Sold)

I am and also do freelance writing on other blogs for a little extra income. That is kaput because Google changed the rules.

Contact me: goinglikesixty(at)gmail(dork)com or @goinglike60 on Twitter. Facebook? Friends and family plan only, you can friend me and depending on my mood, I may take you into my inner-circle. We have a club-card.

Mark Van Patten
Getting more personal (if you want more details use search box on the main page and search for the bold words.)

  • I’m a hoser – I use a CPAP
  • I wear hearing aids
  • I have tinnitus
  • I’m overweight or undertall
  • I made over $13,500 in 2009 from freelance writing for blogs and websites as Mark Leevan. In 2010 that shrunk to $8,600, it’s steadily decreasing as blogs/sites lower the pay. I generated over 20,000,000 pageviews.
  • I accept advertising on this blog contact me: Will work for candy.
  • I had a Total Knee Replacement.
  • I live in Costa Rica.
  • I live in Punta Gorda, Florida

I drew extra inspiration from Roy Klein, feeling much better that there are at least two of us. He wrote about seeing a “little person” and a “sight impaired person” and immediately thought: Seeing-eye Dwarf.

We’re “empathy challenged” or “socially impaired.” And what’s the politically incorrect word again for describing such an individual? That’s right. We’re all insensitive jerks.

Stuff I have around me (this is the office I left behind after retiring.) Since the dark paneling was untouchable according to the owner of the place, I embraced the 60s ambiance and added some vintage stuff. The bridle was used by my aunt, the clock hung on my dad’s office wall, and the sign I picked up from a bum on the riverwalk in San Antonio for $2. The bakelite record player belong to my grandfather and the office equipment was liberated from storage.


Admiral Radio/Record Player

Admiral Radio/Record Player


Cash Register / Check Protector

Cash Register / Check Protector


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Start Here — 41 Comments

  1. blog like crazy, man – not sure how I found you…oh yeah it was through your comments on Techno Marketer – keep up your good work – I ain’t quite 60 but have friends who are LOL – you made me smile

  2. Hey! – thanks for visiting my site. I’ve added you to my Links Blog, but I am still working on things like Blog Rolls.

    I turned 60 on January 31st, so don’t worry too much, it is not the end of all things (it’s also not the beginning of anything either – don’t let them fool you with all that crap about starting a new life).

    I lost my wife of 15 years last November, and now I have a 36-year old girlfriend in Thailand that I’m going to visit in a couple weeks. Mid-life has me by the balls I guess!


  3. Thanks for the visit!

    Any blogger at or near 60 must be linked, so I’ll take care of it!

    Interesting reading here too…I’ll be back!

  4. Well, I’m only 46, but firmly within the Boom, which Wikipedia tells me didn’t end until 1964. Your blog gives me hope for my future, that I won’t end up obsessed with my backaches and Geritol . . . by your lights, 60 is the new 30.

  5. Yeah Gretchen, you can buy into that 60 is the new 30 if you want.
    🙂 If my blog gives you light, you are in a dark, dark place.
    Thanks for commenting, come back often.

  6. Hey – I turn 60 next year. I still choose to work, white water kayak and enjoy my wife of 32 years! The 50’s were a fabulous decade, and I’m expecting the next one to be even better!

  7. Hi, Jim… I turned 60 last year and declared 60 as the new 40. I have to say, 60 kind of rocks. I’m so glad I was born when I was, grew up when I did and, with any luck, will get off the planet before it all turns to shit.

    Thanks for stopping by injaynesworld. It enabled me to track down your blog and become a fan.


  8. Hey, I’m almost 60. How come you don’t have my website on your blogroll. Sure, I know that my blog is only a few months old, but that’s not a very good reason.

    I’m trying so hard to be a hipper-than-the-average-bear baby boomer blog and you forgot to put me on your list. I’m hoping you will remedy this soon.

    Tina Boomerina (And, where do you have your articles about Costa Rica… I’m getting sick of all the political bs in the states. How do you like your new home?)

  9. Hi Mark,

    I found your blog again. Are you still in Costa Rica? I’m trying to find info about living there. What do you think of the place? Lots of friends (over the years) have talked about moving to MX or Costa Rica, so… I guess I’ll look through your blog.

    Tina Boomerina (aka Christina Gregoire)

  10. Hi Mark,

    I am thinking about purchasing a late model used car here before moving to CR; i.e. Subaru Crosstrek, or similar. I know the costs for bringing it into CR are steep, but from a reliability standpoint, I think perhaps not a bad idea. What do you tnink?

    Also, I am thinking along the lines of purchasing property, vs renting, but am hoping a mortgage is possible instead of paying for it in advance.

  11. Most every day, I help April at her school. Am not able to access my email, but can get to your website:) Have added it to my favorites! Pete

  12. Hey, I just pinned this. Love your dry sense of humor. I may have to read your blog from the beginning of time on…. and on and on.

    Just be glad you’re a guy. You’ll never sit in front of your computer looking at pictures of kitties for hours and hours. … Oh, I mean on Pinterest. If you’re not addicted, you might not get the joke. Just don’t let your wife onto Pinterest. She’ll start lusting after Jimmy Choo’s with spiked heels that she KNOWS she’ll never. wear.

    • She knows! Can spend literally hours scrolling and pinning and repinning. Pinterest Facebook; Facebook Pinterest: FacePin PinBook. Faceterist. Sheesh.

  13. We purchased a place near San Isidro del General in May. It’s unfurnished and we are going to be in CR 1st week of September. We have a 3 year plan to get there permenately. Do you know anyone moving back to the US that we can purchase items for our home? Love your blog, thanks much. BOB (nice name)


    What do you think of Costa Rica after having been there a few years longer? My frakking arthritis in my neck is turning daily life into a clusterf*ck… no I didn’t really say that… and Hawaii is too expensive. And, California has extreme taxation. And, my husband thinks we should live in some golf course community in Arizona where you can’t find your house because they all look the same. Acccck.

    BTW, I’ve pinned a couple of your pics onto pinterest so your wife can repin them. Here’s one of them:
    Tina Boomerina

  15. Just came across your website while looking for info about Costa R. Wife and I planning a possible to Costa Rica. We are planning a short trip to look around the San Josa and Central Valley area. Would like to be able to talk with some expats. I don’t plan on giving up my US citizenship but need to get away from
    the craziness in the US. Been to Northern Costa Rica a few years ago and loved it. Any insights on how to find someone to talk (email) with will be appreciated.


    • (We didn’t give up citizenship, but we did get residency because it’s the right thing to do.) I recommend for an overview and then join the Facebook groups: expats in costa rica and/or gringo expats in costa rica. The Yahoo group, Costa Rica Living is also very active. As with any forum, these places can have misinformation. You can email participants directly.

      Of course, look at my Costa Rica blog roll for others who live here. Good luck.

  16. Hello,

    This is total random, but I am doing research to for a project for a class and came across your blog about Adult Day Care names. I am just about to complete classes to be eligible to take my Federal and State Nursing Home Administrator Licensure exam. I am using the idea that Adult Day Care can be a great supplement to LTC business as most people are electing to stay home longer or with children. Most LTC facility converted to 50% rehab short term stay clients, too find ways to fill bed census. Some of these short stay rehab clients already stay enough to earn Hilton Honors reward points…. So why not offer daycare services or respite services, but I cringe every time I hear Adult Day Care, You do not want to work your whole like to go back to childhood. (sorry that was a bit long winded)

    While I am sure your suggestion are purely for humor, I could not help but think that maybe something as simple as “Boomers” Might work, for the next twenty or so years anyway. It sounds like a club, or at least a fun place that might just blow up if all goes well! Maybe they could have Fire Cracker Fridays!

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